1. archatlas:

    Classic Chinese Ancient Buildings Cutaways Li Ganlang [via]

    "Li Ganlang 2005 onwards started drawing, anatomical drawings to show the Chinese construction Shi Jingdian construction law, showing Chinese cultural characteristics of various buildings, covered wood constitutive temples, pavilions, towers, gates, caves, bridges, houses and so on five Shiyu Zuo building. By Yuan-Liou Publishing Company."

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  3. itscolossal:

    Smoke photographs by Thomas Herbrich.

  5. floralfloralfloral:

    Love Nature’s symmetry - Camellia japonica (the Japanese camellia) is one of the best known species of the genus Camellia. Sometimes called the Rose of winter

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  6. practicallyblack:


    Beautiful Black Ballerinas

    I wish someone could get all their names.

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  8. manifest05:

    The Public Relations Building in Ankara, Turkey by Altug and Behruz Çinici in 1980. The complex comprises of two mirrored L-shaped office blocks with a central plaza as its axis. Reenforced concrete, steel, and marble are used extensively throughout the structure. The architects combine different motifs and forms from across the Islamic World including Arab courtyards, Persian reflection pools and qanats, and Turkic arches. These traditional features are accentuated by the more conceptual concepts of bending and filtering light and the creation of quiet spaces. Instead on an assorted palette of colors, muted tones of grey and white are used providing a blank canvass for different gradients of both natural and artificial light that fluctuate as the day progresses. All of these are evolved to a contemporary style that maintain these unique features in a way that looks to the future rather than a recreation of the past.

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  9. softwaring:

    Arizona storm chasing;

    Mike Olbinski

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  10. d3lt4:

    "Minimal #31" Art print

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  13. itscolossal:

    Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

  14. jsarloutte:

    On my own, Autoportrait, embroidery, 2014.

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